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Welcome to the Bloomsburg Middle School Computer Science Program Website!  Here you will find information about our Computer Science Education program.

Course Pathway Overview

Each student at Bloomsburg Middle School will participate in a 45-day (one marking period) exploratory class in computer science.  The goals of these courses are to engage students in grades 6-8 in using computational thinking as a problem-solving tool, teach them fundamental programming concepts and methods, expose them to the pervasiveness of computing and how computer science facilitates communication and collaboration, and retain their interest in computing as a relevant and exciting field.  Computational thinking skills should be exercised to address relevant issues to students and the world around them. When feasible, the presentation of computer science topics should be blended with other curricular areas such as social studies, language arts, mathematics, and science to support core academic learning.  Learning experiences should promote student perceptions of themselves as proactive, empowered problem-solvers, creators, and innovative thinkers.  These curriculums should strive to allow students to experience learning opportunities and explorations in active and connected ways, to work in teams, and to build supportive partnerships with peers.

Following the Standards

Our computer science courses are designed to address the PA endorsed Computer Science Teachers of America (CSTA) K-12 Computer Science Standards. These listed standards will be interwoven into every course.  Various assessments and will be broken down into Big Ideas, Concepts, Competencies, Practice, and Essential Questions as outlined in the SAS Curriculum Framework.



2019-2020 School Calendar:

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